Behavior Based Interview Questions

The following are examples of behavioral style interview questions to be prepared for during your interview

  1. Describe a situation where you were unable to overcome a customer’s objection. What would he do differently in hindsight?

  2. Describe the most unique project you have been a part of. What role did you play? Who did you manage? Who did you report to? Explain the process from conception to implementation.

  3. Describe in full detail an example of a situation, which illustrates your stereotypical role on a project. What was your involvement with work processes and work redesign?

  4. How many projects have you managed over the past 3 years? How many people have reported to you on each project? Who did you report to? What were sizes (revenue) of those projects? Explain the role you played on the largest and the smallest project.

  5. Describe for me the most difficult employee situation you have ever been involved in.

  6. What is the average number of people you have been responsible for at one time? What level of employee has typically reported directly to you? What have been your greatest challenges in maximizing employee potential?

  7. Describe a decision you have made without consulting superiors. What was the outcome? Would you do the same thing again? What have you learned from experience?

  8. Describe for me a time when you have made an immediate and sustainable impact

  9. Tell me about a time when your tenacity resulted in closing a deal? Be specific.

  10. Describe the process you use to gain a clear understanding of a client’s key issues and hidden agendas.

  11. Tell me about your time management system. How do you plan your day, week and month?