Labor Shortage Persists in Some Fields

By JOE LIGHT There are nearly 14 million people looking for a job, but few have the skills to fill the four computer engineering openings at Gowalla Inc. The Austin, Texas-based start-up, which competes with FourSquare Inc. in location-based social networking, hopes to add the programmers to its 27-person staff, but finding applicants with the […]

Three Tips For Getting That Job Offer Now

By: Jerome Young As layoffs start to wane and companies slowly begin to hire again, the interview process is getting noticeably longer, with more interviews. As an abundance of talented job seekers thirst to return to corporate America, companies are being more diligent in their vetting process and extremely selective in extending offers. They want […]

The New Job Is in the Details

By Joan Lublin Here’s an important New Year’s resolution for job hunters: Sweat the small stuff. Minor missteps can derail your search. With U.S. joblessness still rampant, numerous hiring managers are knocking applicants out of the running over the slightest mistake. That’s what sporting-goods sales executive Daniel Obergfell did while seeking a marketing manager last […]

Does Moving For A Job Make Sense?

Lord knows that with unemployment at 10%, there are lots of us looking for jobs in places to which we hadn’t dreamed of moving. But even in good times, Americans are constantly changing jobs. Indeed, one-fifth of the work force typically switches jobs in a given year, many to different cities in a different state. […]

Jump Starting A Job Search

By SARAH E. NEEDLEMAN After graduating in 2007 from Loyola Marymount University, Rachel Jones was laid off from two jobs consecutively in her chosen field, public relations. In the grueling nine-month job search that ensued, she sent her résumé to more than 130 employers, initially applying for just about any opening she could find—from office […]

Only the Employed Need Apply

By DANA MATTIOLI With unemployment at 9.4% and rising, it’s a buyer’s market for employers that are hiring. But many employers are bypassing the jobless to target those still working, reasoning that these survivors are the top performers. “If they’re employed in today’s economy, they have to be first string,” says Ryan Ross, a partner […]

When Big Resumes Chase Small Jobs

By JOANN S. LUBLIN Biologist David Weinberg received feelers from a biotechnology start-up shortly after Merck & Co. laid him off in October. But the 20-person firm never interviewed him for its middle-management vacancy because Dr. Weinberg had spent his 19-year career at the pharmaceutical giant. The biotech concern spurned six other prospects with similar […]

Working Well With Executive Recruiters

By SARAH E. NEEDLEMAN The higher you rise along the corporate ladder, the more attractive you’re likely to become to executive recruiters. But even if they contact you first, your odds of getting a job as a result can flounder if you don’t understand how the search business works. For example, some up-and-coming corporate leaders […]

Tough Times Don’t Mean Tough Luck On Salary

By SARAH E. NEEDLEMAN You’ve prepared for your next job interview by researching the company, brushing up on your sales pitch and pressing your suit. But one key task remains: Figuring out what to expect as compensation. In a tough economy, you don’t have a lot of wiggle room when it comes to negotiating base […]

More Raises To Be Tied To Performance

By ANJALI ATHAVALEY Annual pay raises in the U.S. in 2008 are expected to stay about the same as this year’s. The catch: Your share could be even more closely tied to your performance. A survey conducted by consultant Towers Perrin of Stamford, Conn., shows that salary budgets in the U.S. are set to increase […]