Catalyst Group’s recruiting technique is vastly different than most search firms. We strive to understand the direction of your career path and work pro actively to meet your goals. Our recruiters are trained to ask the questions that will motivate you to the next logical step in your career. Our goal is to provide the highest level of professionalism, confidentiality and the most ethical recruiting practices in the industry.

Tips and Techniques For The Job Search

Behavior Based Interview Questions

The following are examples of behavioral style interview questions to be prepared for during your interview Describe a situation where you were unable to overcome a customer’s objection. What would he do differently in hindsight? Describe the most unique project you have been a part of. What role did you play? Who did you manage? […]

On Site Interview Tips

Preparation Before You Go to Your Interview Know your resume and questions that could be asked from it. Review your major accomplishments, strengths and weaknesses. Learn all you can about the company and product in advance. Arrive 15 minutes early. Late attendance is never excusable. Dress to Impress Professional Dress! Two piece solid or pinstriped […]

The New Trouble on the Line

By SARAH E. NEEDLEMAN Job seekers, beware the telephone. For years, the phone interview was a preliminary step that allowed an employer to give a candidate the once-over and schedule an in-person interview. But these days, many recruiters are using the phone interview to pose the kinds of in-depth questions previously reserved for finalists. What’s […]

Candidates Singing Own Praises Fall Flat

By SARAH E. NEEDLEMAN Last summer, Lisa Harrell interviewed a candidate for a director job who offered a list of impressive accomplishments. But during the 60-minute meeting, the Ivy League candidate never paused long enough for the recruiter to ask just how he executed on them. “In the end, he took a breath and said, […]

Should You Accept Your Employer’s Counteroffer?

By SHARON VOROS Ralph Balastriere, vice president and general manager of international administration at C.R. Bard, a pharmaceutical firm in Murray Hill, N.J., was ready to take a job with a smaller drug company in Ohio early in 1998. But “when I announced I was leaving, Bard offered me such a great package that I […]

How To Answer Any Interview Question

By PERRI CAPELL Don’t be rattled by your next job interview. It’s possible to answer any question that comes your way. How? By preparing and knowing how to direct the conversation to the topics you want to cover. To start, take a tip from consultants who coach executives and politicians on how to handle media […]

Thank You Notes

Notes To Interviewers Should Go Beyond A Simple Thank You Everyone knows they should express their gratitude in writing following a job interview. Yet most applicants spend scant time writing such letters. Dashing off a perfunctory note blows a great opportunity to gain a competitive edge and, possibly, to seal the deal. A thoughtful follow-up […]

Talking Too Much On a Job Interview May Kill Your Chance

  …Here’s a scary thought: You can blow a promising opportunity by talking too much during a job interview. That’s how one facilities administrator ruined her employment chances at Clark Nuber, a small accounting firm in Bellevue, Wash. Asked to describe her strengths, the applicant delivered a long-winded reply focused on her cleaning of every […]